Do you offer makeup artist pro discounts?

Not at this time.

What do you do with returned products?

Trash it! Send it to makeup hell.

How do I place an order for samples?

Click the link to pick a product package from our website. https://frostcosmetics.store/samplers/
Please view the detail “Description” information located under the “Add to cart” button.
Click “add to cart” to purchase the package.
All Sample comes in Frost Cosmetics Original formula in sample tubes. You have the option to edit or customize any formula when purchasing “Private Label” only. Frost Cosmetic samples come in Frost branding only. We do not customize tubes or branding for samples unless purchasing samples in bulk. Samples come in an assorted pick of colors from the color collection you pick. You may “Request” colors in the comment box at checkout.


As·sort·ed “of various sorts put together; miscellaneous colors”.
Re·quest “formally ask for”.
Business days “the days between Monday through Friday, not include public holidays and weekends”.

How long will it take to receive a sample order?

Because our products are all custom made to order, All samples et 7 to 20 business days to complete.

This et is subject to change at any time without notice.

How do I place an order for my own line aka Private Label?

Click the link to pick a product package from our website. https://frostcosmetics.store/private-label/
Please view the detail “Description” information located under the “Add to cart” button.
Click “add to cart” to purchase the package or contact your rep 323-745-5155.
Once your purchase is completed, Fill out the online form to customize your order.
Submit your colors and or logo by email to Frostcosmetics@me.com at a later date.
Receive your full package ready to sale.

You will receive your Resellers and Insurance documents to the mailing address provided by you from your order.

How long will it take to receive a private label order?

Because our products are all custom made to order, All Private Label Packages are estimated at 15 to 45 business days after logo submission/design and color submission/name change / Any and all requested paperwork has been submitted. Eta subjected to change at any time without notice.

Why Is my private label order different from the samples I tried?

Samples come in many different formula styles. You would need to make sure to request the style you like from your samples in order to having your private label order completed in the exact style. If there is no requested formula style from your order within 3 business days after placing your private label order, Frost cosmetics will pick a default style in an attempt to make and complete the production dates of 15 to 45 business days.

I did not like my samples, why should I order private labeling from Frost?

Unlike other private label service, Frost Cosmetics are 100% custom made to order. Samples are a great way for you to tell us what it is that you like or Dis like about your samples. This is the information we use to edit your large order to fit your target market preference.

I have call your phone lines but are not able to reach anyone, why?

Our hours of operations are Monday – Friday. 9 am – 6 pm Pacific time.

Even with a full staff, at any giving time, we could be experiencing high volume calls and or other issues and are not able to accept your call. We have placed a voicemail service to our system that allows you to record your request. Our staff will review the recorded information and contact you back within our hours of operation. Please Allow us up to 72 hours for any and all replies.

Are my calls recorded?


Can I email your company?

Yes, please email us with any request. Because of high volume, please allow up to 24 to 72 hours for a reply.

How much is Rush Job Service?

$250 to $1000, This pricing is a quote only and are based on many factors. Please contact our “Beauty Support” agents to find out which service applies to your request and or order. Pricing is based subject to any time without warning or notice.

Why Is my "Rush Job" service quote different from the posted price on the package?

There are many factors that take place as to why you may receive a different quote when placing a “rush Job” order. The most popular are as fallow…

Your requested date of completion is outside of our policy dates of 7 or 15 business days.
Your delivery location may be in a different country.
Your order may consist of many different products with different styles of tubing, branding, and or product ingredients.

Is the Reseller's documents an extra cost?

No, Frost will provide you with Reseller’s documents included with your order free of charge.

Is the Insurance documents an extra cost?

No, Frost will provide you with Liability Insurance documents included with your order free of charge.

$1 Million COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY COVERAGE available in the following states:


Where do you ship from?

Los Angeles California. The USA, City of the Angels.

How can I see more information on your product and packaging?

View the “Description box” located under the “Add to cart” button on all packages

Do you have a price list?

Our full website is a price list. Simply click the product link you’re interested in and view the price.

Do you provide custom quotes?

Yes, Our products are all custom made to order and so are our quotes providing you are able to provide us with “Proof Of Funds” and or be ready to move forward with your purchase after receiving a custom quote. All quotes void after 72 hours.

How do I track my order?

Please allow between 2-4 Business Days for your tracking number to update once you receive your tracking number by email. If you don’t see the email in your inbox try checking your spam folder or add Frostcosmetics@me.com to your safe sender’s list. Our makeup is manufactured in Los Angeles.

Why is my order short and or missing some items?

Some packages may have to ship out in more then one shipping and may arrive at a later date. If this happens, simply email a video and pictures with good lighting of your received order to FrostCosmetics@me.com. Some products take longer to manufacturer and or could be delayed because of tubing, labeling, raw ingredients, etc..

Do Frost products come in Vegan formula?

Yes, simply pick the private label packages that are promoted as Vegan base formulas and or request for vegan based formula with your order. NOTE! Al tho we are masters of our craft. Be mindful, Vegan base formula may change, and or alter the out come of your completed product. Some products can lose the consistency in thickness, color pigment, richness, etc.

Are the Vegan products certified?

Yes, Frost Cosmetics LLC is License with Vegan Awareness Foundation DBA.

Can I get certification documents from Frost when I order vegan "private label" products?

No, Our Vegan license is Non-transferable and may not be sub-licensed to private label or any other buyer. You must apply for your own certification documents under your own name.

Is there a smell to your makeup?

Yes, and No, you may have a flavor oil added or not added by request.

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